Wosport Bluetooth Tracer Kit

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The WOSPORT X3600 tracer kit is a great training tool for aiming and speed practice. The X3600 is not only a tracer unit but is also a chronograph and target hit timer. 

The X3600 uses Targets that sync to an app through Bluetooth to acquire the times you hit a target for training or fun. The app saves your data so you can compare old target hit times.

The X3600 tracer not only illuminates your BB’s/Gel Balls but also;

  • Counts shots
  • Counts RPS
  • Chronographs shots
  • Ammo remaining (if set)


The X3600’s Bluetooth monitor can show all chronograph data and can be fine tuned for exact velocity of ammo. The screen can spin 360 degrees to suit the operators screen angle. The Bluetooth monitor can be mounted on ether side of the hand guard rail. 

The X3600 Bluetooth Tracer, Bluetooth monitor and Bluetooth targets have lithium batteries and are all USB rechargeable.



  • 1 x Bluetooth Tracer Unit
  • 1 x Bluetooth Monitor 
  • 3 x Bluetooth Targets
  • USB Charging Cable