Gel ball follows the same concept as AIRSOFT and PAINTBALL sports where teams compete against each other and use replica firearms (gel blasters) to hit other players with gel balls. once another player is hit, they will call their own shot and return to their team's spawn.

You don't have to play the sport to own and enjoy a gel blaster, you can setup targets at home and plinker in your backyard or house.

For some people Gel ball is another escape where they can tinker and build incredible gel blasters to try and get the best performance and create beautiful firearms replicas or movie firearms.




In order to know what the laws around gel ball there is a list below to keep you informed.

  • Always wear eye protection.
  • Never point your gel blaster at anyone unless they give you consent to do so.
  • It is not an offence to possess a gel blaster in Queensland.
  • There are no legal restrictions on the storage of gel blasters in Queensland. However, when possessing a gel blaster in a public place the item should be carried in a way that is not visible to the public, so it will not cause alarm to any person.
  • There are no restrictions on the sale of gel blasters in Queensland; however, there are restrictions on the sale of gel blasters to other States and Territories and you may be prosecuted by those jurisdictions if you contravene those restrictions
  • Use of gel blasters is a responsibility of the person in possession of the item.
  • It is an offence to modify a gel blaster if it has the capacity to fire ammunition as defined in the Explosive Regulation 2017.
  • You do not need a weapons license to possess a gel blaster.
  • You cannot use a Gel Blaster on a paint pellet shooting gallery when paint ball guns are in use.
  • Each state and territory have laws relevant to gel blasters, including that they may be prohibited in that jurisdiction. Sales to jurisdictions that prohibit the possession of a gel blaster in that jurisdiction, including sale by mail order to those States and Territories, may expose Dealers to prosecution in those jurisdictions.  For any questions in relation to another authority you will need to contact the relevant authority in that state or territory directly.
  • Only use your gel blaster on private property where you have consent from the landowner or entity that is leasing the property. The property needs to be completely fenced offed from the public and be high enough so people can't see or get hit by stray gel balls.
  • Transporting your gel blaster is 100% okay as long as it's stored in a case/bag that doesn't silhouette the shape of a firearm.
  • Do not shoot people from your car, balcony, over the fence, out of a window and so on as this is dangerous and also a criminal offence.
  • Personal defense is not permitted with a gel blaster and doing so could land you with firearm offence.
  • When you're not using your gel blaster you don't need to lock it in a gun safe, but you should store it in a place out of sight and out of mind.
  • Pest control is not permitted with your gel blaster and is a criminal offence, don't shoot the Neighbours dog, the noisy birds, bats or anything that can't give you verbale or written consent.
  • Discharging your blaster without gel ball ammunition is 100% okay and will not damage anything.
  • Do not modify your gel blaster to shoot anything other ammunition (plastic, steel, glass pellets) other than 7-8mm gel balls as this is a criminal offence and may damage your gel blaster.


Below are some examples of types of offences that may be committed by a person in possession or using a gel blaster.  This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Commit public nuisance from Summary Offences Act 2005
  • Particular conduct involving a weapon in a public place prohibited from Weapons Act 1990.
  • Dangerous conduct with weapon prohibited generally from Weapons Act 1990.

Unlawfully entering onto someone else’s land to use a gel blaster

  • Trespass from Summary Offences Act 2005

Discharging pointing or threatening the use of a gel blaster on another person without permission and causing them injury

  • Possession of implement in relation to particular offences from Summary Offences Act 2005.
  • Threatening violence - discharge firearms from Criminal Code.
  • Common assault from Criminal Code.
  • Assault occasioning bodily harm from Criminal Code.
  • Grievous bodily harm from Criminal Code. Robbery from Criminal Code.

Shooting animals with a gel blaster

  • Animal cruelty prohibited from Animal Care and Protection Act 2001.

Causing fear or alarm to any person in a public place or in view of a public place whilst using or in possession of a gel blaster

  • Going armed to cause fear from the Criminal Code.

Pointing a gel blaster at another person who believes the toy is a real weapon

  • Common assault from Criminal Code.

Gel blasters are replica toy firearms and can't be modified to shoot real ammunition. All parts and accessories are made for training purposes only and misuse may lead to injury or a criminal offence.

If a person is found guilty of an offence where a gel blaster was used, they may receive a monetary penalty or term of imprisonment.




We all have a pair of safety glasses that come with our gel blaster but DO NOT USE THEM! The problem with these glasses is they will only sometimes protect you from a gel ball that is hitting your eye at head on and not from other angles or directions.



Some users will use what look like ski or motorcycle goggles and they offer great eye protection but not ear, mouth or nose protection. The great thing about ski and motorcycle goggles is you can hear everything around you and it's easier to communicate to your team.




Finding suitable eyewear can be very confusing on what is going to protect your face and eyes from a gel ball. Full face masks off the best protection and some even offer non-obstructive visibility.
Most facemasks will protect eyes, ears, mouth, nose and parts of the neck. why facemasks are better is they wrap around the head and seal the lenses around the eyes. safety glasses don't seal around the eyes and with some blasters reaching fps more than 400 a stray ball can creep under those lenses and do some damage.

you can find our gel ball masks here



Gel ball is very fun and exciting so let's keep it that way and always wear eye protection.