Gel Blaster Care & Maintennace

Blaster Care & Maintenance

Below are great tips to keep your gel blaster running and performing to its full potential.


AEG Gel Blaster

whether you have a custom build or an out of the box stock blaster its important to understand that you need to keep the blaster cleaned internally from gel balls and any moisture to avoid damage to internal parts.

  • After use, please empty the magazine or bottle hopper of any gel balls
  • Unplug the battery when the gel blaster isn't being used
  • Remove gels from gel blaster T piece and inner barrel (use a barrel cleaner or clean high-pressured air)
  • Keep the M spring at its least compressed state by turning the blaster to semi-auto function and dry firing once unless you have "pre-cocking" enabled.
  • Keep your batteries balanced and fully charged
  • only used the recommended gel balls not cheap colored alternatives
  • Once the gel blaster ROF (Rate Of Fire) drops unplug the battery, let the battery cool and once the battery is at room temperature you can charge it.



There is no need to open your AEG gel blaster and add grease or clean unless you notice a drop in performance or it's making a noise other than what it supposed to. If there is a problem its best to pay a visit to your local MASTR BLASTR gel blaster tech.


GBBP/GBBR Gel Blasters

Not matter if it's a WETECH or UMAREX GBB gel baster you need to keep up to date with maintaining and checking wear and tear. Below is a list of things to check and tips to follow to get the best out of your GBB gel blaster.

  • After use please empty and clean magazine of any gel balls and debris
  • Always check slide/bolt wear and keep greased
  • Check magazine O rings and make sure you keep them oiled with silicone oil.
  • Check magazine valves and screws to make sure they aren't loose letting gas escape.
  • Check nozzle piston for wear
  • Check magazine lips for cracks or wear
  • Make sure the trigger is reset to prevent spring tension loss.
  • Make sure slide/bolt isn't locked or open
  • Co2 GBB blasters will need much more regular checks and maintenance, or the gel blaster will wear out and warranty will not be covered.