Tokyo Marui Samarium Cobalt 480 motor

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  • Considered the strongest motor Tokyo Marui makes
  • A true high-torque motor that uses Samarium Cobalt magnets instead of Neodymium
  • 18 TPA
  • Excellent heat sink capabilities due to the use of Samarium Cobalt magnets

Type: Long Type
Application: Super High Torque
Nominal Voltage: 7.4V Lipo, 9.6V NiMh and 11.1V Lipo
Compatibility: For Tokyo Marui Next Generation Airsoft AEG rifles (Not AK) or any other Airosft AEG rifle that uses a Long Type motor

Manufacturer: Tokyo Narui


Turns Per Armature: 18T
Magnet: Samarium Cobalt