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The Tar21 is the first real premium blaster I had ever used and really felt satisfied to shoot.

Comes with 2 metal magazines that are so good to use and make this blaster feel so authentic. reloading feels smooth and the magazine is easy to click into the well.

The tar21 has a magazine primer at the rear but doubles as the dust cover release too.

The tar21 has blowback and make a bit of noise which adds to the authenticity of this blaster.

Hold the tar21 feels great too as the handgrip is very comfortable and works well with gloves.

Has two rails top and right side on the handguard opposite the charging handle.

Built in iron sights work well with the front sight being adjustable.

The stock is easy to open by just pressing the rear top pin in hard and removing it, giving you access to the battery and motor for repairs or servicing.

The tar21 has an xt30 connector only so any batteries you use need to be this connector.

Everything this blaster has is very premium and high quality and total worth every cent!



  • Type: Automatic / Battery Operated
  • 1:1 Scale
  • Firing Modes: Semi-Auto/ Full Auto
  • Marui V6 Gearbox
  • Nylon Inline Gearbox with Metal Gears
  • Short 480 High Torque Motor
  • High Grade Polymer Construction (Polyphenylene Sulphide Organic Polymer (PPS)
  • Blow-Back Feature
  • Mag Fed with quality Metal Magazines
  • Compatible with Kublai & Gen 8 Mags
  • Magazine Capacity: Approx 200 Gel Balls
  • Mag Primer
  • Solid Rubber Butt Plate
  • Metal Charging Handle – Left Hand Side
  • Metal Rails (Side and Top) 20mm
  • Metal Carry Handle
  • Metal Iron Sights
  • Metal Firing Mode Select Switch
  • Rubberized Front Handguard
  • Alloy Barrel
  • Textured Handgrip
  • XT30 Battery Connection
  • Metal Spring Retainer
  • High Gauge Silver Wiring
  • Quick Spring Change Guide
  • Metal Outer Barrel


What’s in the box

  • 1 x Brand New TAR-21 Gel Blaster
  • 2 x Metal Magazines
  • 1 x 11v Battery with xt30 connectors


Make sure you check your state laws before purchase as these are illegal in VIC,TAS, NT, NSW, WA & ACT

In Queensland they are legal.

South Australia you will need a permit.


Do not upgrade any part of your toy gel blaster as this will void the warranty. Upgrades refer to changing the battery voltage (7.4-11v), motor, springs, gears, piston to anything other than stock parts or same material types (nylon gears with nylon gears) not worried about the brand.

Warranty will not be void if you pull apart to service or repair your blaster as needed if needed (replace stock gears with same type, replace battery with same voltage, replace springs with same gauge type material and motor with same type torque / rpm).

Any questions about warranties or returns can be asked by email or you can check out our policies page.


Make sure you check your state laws before purchase!

In Queensland they are legal and South Australia you may need a permit.