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The T238 electronic fire control module is a programmable MOSFET electronic switch designed for water gel beads special-shaped gearboxes.

The system is equipped with a high-speed micro digital processor and two high-power FET chips, with three programmable gears.

It has a variety of personalized programmable functions such as:

  • ladder homing
  • dual-stroke single shot
  • multiple bursts

The module starts with a micro current and directs the current to the motor through the MOSFET chip. Instead of passing the original mechanical switch, it can provide a higher current to make the gearbox fire speed and response speed faster. At the same time, because the current through the original mechanical switch is greatly reduced, it effectively prevents the burning of the switch. This module can increase the continuous launch speed, increase the stability of the single engine, and make the battery have a higher endurance.

In addition, it also has battery low-voltage protection, gearbox stall protection and overheating protection, which can effectively improve gearbox stability and rate of fire and the response speed, at the same time it can completely eliminate the problem of gearbox single-shot becoming multiple bursts!

No need to solder and wire by yourself as all wires are pre soldered and only need to have the ends crimped.


Features Include:

  • Low Voltage Battery Protection
  • Gearbox Stall Protection
  • Programmable Automatic Pre-Cocking time
  • Ladder Homing
  • Dual-Stroke Single Shot
  • Multiple Bursts
  • Programmable Fire Modes
  • 240A Starting Current & 100A Braking Current!
  • working voltage 7.4-14.8V (T238 LH MOSFET uses a maximum of 14.8 volts!).
  • low-voltage battery protection, the default protection is 7.4v battery. When you hear four low-voltage warning tones of "Beep Dudu", please replace the battery as the gearbox will lock the rotor for protection immediately. When the lock wave occurs, the system stops working and emits an elongated "beep" Please turn off the power immediately and check that the protection mechanism is triggered by overheating of the gearbox FET.
  • Overheating Protection when the trigger is pulled, there is only a beep and the motor does not rotate. You must wait for it to cool before returning to normal.
  • Active Braking uses the excess energy from the motor to stop the inertial rotation of the motor and stop the ladder in time. The high-torque motor has the strongest braking effect. The active brake eliminates the transitional rotation of the high-speed gearbox, solves the problem of single-shot becoming multiple bursts in the single-shot mode, and stops the piston in the front position at the same time, eliminating unnecessary stress on the spring, and improving the transmission of the gearbox.


Programmable Shooting Modes:
  • SEMI: This mode can be programmed to achieve single shot, double stroke single shot and 3 to 6 bursts, the default is single shot.
  • 3 round burst: This mode can be programmed to achieve single shot, double stroke single shot and 3 to 6 bursts, default 3 round bursts.
  • AUTO: This mode can be programmed to achieve bursts, 3 bursts, 6 bursts and 9 bursts. The default is auto.


Packaging Includes:
  • 1 x T238 External Electronic Fire Control DTU Module.
  • 1 x Stickers For Blaster.
  • Necessary wires for install.