T238 1.9 V3

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T238 Digital Trigger Unit Basic Type Version 1.9 Programmable MOSFET For AIRSOFT and Gel Ball Blaste V3 Gearbox.
Adopts a high-speed processor and 2 high-power MOSFET chips,this system has many individualized programmable functions:

  • With binary trigger, automatic loading of gel ball magazine, overheating protection and other functions.
  • With gearbox stall protection.It can effectively improve the stability, shooting speed and response speed of the gearbox.

Main parameters:

  • Size: 49*28*15mm
  • Operating voltage: 7.4-11.1V
  • Active break tech
  • Uses optical sensor for gear detection
  • Binary trigger shooting mode
  • Overheat protection
  • Maximum Inrush current is 300A, Maximum Brake current is 100A
  • Compatible with various Standard Gearbox V3


  1.  Support up to 11.1V batteries
  2.  Binary trigger. Put the selector in semi-auto position, pull and hold the trigger for 3 seconds will change the semi-auto function into binary trigger shooting mode.
  3. Block-up protection.When gearboxBlock-up occurs, the system stops working and emits an elongated 'beep' sound. Please check the wave box immediately by power off.
  4. Auto-loading function is designed for gel ball blaster magazines with motor inside, when changing the magazine, the magazine motor will run automatically for 0.5 second.
  5. Increase rate of fire.This module is able to increase rate of fire, the stability of single-shot and make batteries have higher durability.
  6. Active braking.The energy that support the active brake function comes from the inertia of motor, stop the piston without delay. The effect of active brake is significant on high torque motor
  7. Prevent gears from over-rotating.The active function prevents the over-spin of gears, this solve the issue that the single shot becomes multiple shot under high voltage. Meanwhile, the spring is fully released in semi-auto mode and parts in gearbox are not under strain, increase the life cycle of gearbox and parts.
  8. DTU overheat protection.When the DTU is overheated,after the trigger is pulled,the motor will give a beep prompt until it is automatically restarted after cooling.

Package Content:

  • Digital trigger unit V1.9   X1
  • T238 Metal Sticker    X1


  • This product requires soldering and wiring. It is recommended that installation is undertaken by an experienced technician.