SLR short & stubby

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Jing Ji SLR built from the ground up to you can tear your opponents back down to the ground!

The SLR Short & Stubby is perfect for CQB fields and with it’s high reliability and exceptional build quality this blaster should last through the ages and beyond!



SLR Short & Stubby exterior consists of:

  • SLR cnc 4.25” KEYMOD handguard
  • Nylon Stubby Stock
  • Alloy Flash Hider
  • Nylon SLR Receiver
  • MOE Motor Grip


Full of SHS internal parts such as:

  • 13:1 Carbon Steel Gears
  • Anti-Reverse Latch
  • Cut-Off Latch
  • Carbon Steel Tooth Piston
  • Bushings
  • M110 Spring


Other performance parts are:

  • Brass Cylinder Head
  • T238 V2 Switch Block with ActiveBreak
  • RetroArms CNC Trigger (K)
  • CHIHAI M120 Motor 30k
  • XT30 plug


The SLR Short & Stubby has 330+ fps and 38rps which rivals most high end builds!

This blaster has an XT30 plug installed for high current flow and easy connection/disconnection.



  • SLR Short & Stubby AEG Gel Blaster
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