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SLONG Gel Blasters are built tough and use all of SLONG’s internal parts. 

No need to upgrade your blaster unless your trying replace your M120 stock SLONG spring with a smaller one to de-tune for a gel ball field!

Unlike most other gel blasters you will find no cheap crap in your SLONG blaster, SLONG blasters are filled with high end parts such as;
  • SLONG V2 GEARBOX (Rated to take an M200 Spring)
  • SLONG Metal Piston Head (6 hole high flow head)
  • SLONG Noozle 
  • SLONG Ultimate Steel Gear (tested to take an M200 spring)
  • SLONG Steel Gear piston
  • SLONG Steel Spring Guide
  • SLONG Strong Motor (Rated to M190 Spring)
  • SLONG 8mm bearing
  • SLONG silver Wire 2.0 T DEAN

  • 350fps 
  • Long Axle motor rated at M190 Spring
  • CNC Aluminum handguard
  • Can quick change spring
  • Use 7mm gel ball
  • 180 rounds
  • T deans plug
  • High Strength Injection Moulded Gearbox
  • 18:1 Injection Moulded Ultimate Gears
  • M120 spring

  • SLONG Sabertooth