SLONG No hole metal piston head < M130 Below >

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‎CNC aluminum alloy pat head: non-porous design suitable for springs below M130
‎ ‎
‎ Ball pelina design prevents the spring from breaking or deforming due to long-term squeezing. Surface anodizing reduces friction.‎



  • Designed to offer maximum air seal
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • No hole head designed for builds that use springs less than M130
  • Expanding O-ring provides exceptional air seal and improves efficiency
  • Anodized finish.
  • Screws are made of steel alloy to prevent breakage at high initial speed.
  • Enlarged O-ring with enhanced thickness effectively increases air flow to become more full loaded.



For most Standard Tokyo Marui Style Airsoft AEG V2/3 Gearboxes