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Innovative conversion kit that turns your GLOCK into a PDW.

SLONG AIRSOFT MPG-KRISS Conversion Kit compatible with various gas blowback GLOCK series such as:

  • Elite Force
  • UMAREX GLOCK and other GBB Pistols w/ VFC Blowback System | SAI BLU
  • ISSC M22
  • Lonewolf
  • ZEV
  • G&P Custom
  • P80
  • WE-Tech Gas Blowback System G17/G18C/G22/G34.


Please Note:

This carbine kit isn’t compatible with any compact glock models.

Just snap it into the highly popular "GLOCK" series of pistols and you can transform it into a PDW. Introducing the Sunge Conversion Kit!

Installation is very simple! Simply attach the dedicated adapter to the 0.8 inch (20 mm) rail portion, attach the conversion kit and attach the rear adapter. Once you get used to it, you can transform it in a matter of minutes.

The design itself is SLONG completely original. The appearance of the MP9 has evolved. The stock body comes with the same NGEL Death Stock M4. The buffer tube is designed for M4 and is designed to allow you to change from a number of M4 stock to your preferred stock. You can also create your own MPG!

Lighter than any PDW or AR Shorty but lighter in the front, super quick to handle. This is a highly effective conversion kit that conceals the potential that can become the strongest weapon.



  • Lightweight polymer construction with metal hardware and some accessories
  • Designed to install easily onto GLOCK 17 and 18 series gas blowback gel blaster pistols
  • Allows you to convert your sidearm into a carbine for easier use
  • Picatinny RIS along top and bottom allow for optics, lights, lasers, and other accessories to be mounted
  • M4-style buffer tube supports most standard mil-spec adjustable stocks
  • Includes Slong Gel Ball NGEL of Death stock

Material: Polymer, Metal Alloy
Weight: Approx. 1200g