V2 gearbox spring set

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Replace lost, broken or underperforming gearbox springs with this complete set. Made with high quality spring steel, they are robust and reliable.

The set contains springs in total:

1 x V2 Safety Lever Spring
1 x V2 Cut Off Lever Spring
1 x V2 Trigger Trolley Spring
1 x V2 Tappet Plate Spring
1 x V2 Anti Reversal Latch Spring

You can increase the tension of these springs if necessary:

Cut off lever springs: Simply stretch the spring slightly, making sure to keep it straight.

Tappet plate and trigger trolley springs: Cut off one or two coils, then use a pair of pliers to bend the end coil 90 degrees, so it can hook onto the tappet plate/trigger post. Test before removing more coils, if necessary.

Please Note;

cutting springs and/or bending springs is not recommended and should only be performed by an experienced technician.