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Full gel blaster service $50 + parts (if parts are needed then it’s $50 per hour after)

Service Includes

  • Open gearbox
  • Remove grease from gears and gearbox
  • Check gearbox for cracks and other damages
  • Check gears for chips and other damages
  • Check all springs are not snapped or bent
  • Check wires are healthy
  • Grease the gears
  • Shim back to normal
  • Close gearbox and install back to original blaster


Gearbox parts installation starts an initial $50 (for every hour after is $50 per hour). 

The parts below fall into this installation category

  • Trigger
  • Gears
  • Wire Kits
  • Mosfets & Trigger/Switch Blocks
  • Springs
  • Pistons
  • Cylinder Heads & Nozzles


For a service and part install the initial price is $75 + parts ($50 per hour after the first initial open of the gearbox till it’s closed and installed)