Mk47 gremlin

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The Gremlin is an absolute pocket rocket Sub Assault Rifle built for CQB engagements.

Its easy to handle small size makes it a great pick for tight situations.

The high capacity magazine holds about 200-250 gels. 

The gremlin’s retractable butt stock has to points of adjustment and can easily be removed to access the battery.

The Gremlins V2 Fighting Bro split nylon gearbox is professionally built to last with great parts such as:

  • Cast Metal Gears
  • SHS Piston with a single O ring
  • LDT Brass CNC Cylinder Head
  • Silver Wire
  • XT30 Plugs
  • Upgraded M spring


powering the Fighting Bro V2 gearbox is a Chihai 480 motor able to push 1.2-1.3 spring with ease and performs very efficiently at 30,000 rpm.

The externals of the MK47 Gremlin has a metal MLOK front guard that has plenty of space to attach other furniture and a retractable nylon butt stock.



  • MK47 Gremlin AEG Gel Blaster
  • MK47 Magazine


Please Note

This gel blaster doesn’t come with a battery of charger