11.1V rechargeable BATTERY TAMIYA PLUG

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A better quality direct replacement for the 11v battery that comes standard with some of the gel blasters.

This battery rivals the TURNIGY 1.2 11.1v battery in quality "just without the big name".

This 11v battery uses a TAMIYA plug to make a solid connection between the battery and blaster.


  • Voltage - 11.1
  • Capacity - 1300MAH
  • Connector - TAMIYA Plug
  • Dimensions - L130mm x W20mm x H16mm



  • Before using the battery please ensure its fully charged
  • Check to see no wires are damaged as this could cause harm to the gel blaster or to the user.
  • Please keep these batteries away from any moister and water.
  • When storing the battery keep in a dry area or dry container.
  • Please do not attempt to open the battery as this will void warranty and is also dangerous.
  • Do not keep or store near an open flame.