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The URGI is the perfect blaster for MILSIM players or collectors alike.

The real steal version is used by Marines in the US Army as their main battle rifle, these rifles are made with a variety of parts from around the globe to ensure our number one ally has the best rifle for any engagement.

It’s now your chance to own a URGI replica blaster rifle for the field or a personal collection.



The URGI AEG Blaster is fitted with a range of the best quality parts that are made tough and built to last.

  • Detachable Suppressor that simply screws off by holding down a latch and twisting.
  • Daniel Defense Gov 10” outer barrel which houses our super accurate Integral Hop Inner barrel.
  • Modular 9.5” handguard with the ability to add more rails if needed.
  • Strong metal receiver that houses an LDX Expert CNC gearbox professionally built and tested with high reliability in mind.
  • LDT replica 5.56 NATO magazine that holds approximately 200 gels.
  • Inside the motor grip is housed a ChiHai M150 39000rpm NeFeB motor.
  • The buffer tube holds a 6 point adjustable MOE butt stock for perfect fitment.


The URGI blaster has an SHS M130 spring that gives you 390 max FPS at 37rps approximately. 

T238 V2 1.7 DTU is the Brian’s of the URGI and helps stop battery over discharging. It also saves and performs other operations such as;

  • Active Break (M150 Spring Max)
  • micro switches
  • Motor overheat cutout
  • programmable fire modes and changing selector between AK/G36 options
  • Pre-Cocking options
  • Trigger interval Timing options
  • Battery Discharge Warning (7.4v - 9.6v - 11.1v - 14.8v) preset to 11.1v battery

and more…



The LDX Expert gearbox internals are super quality and highly reliable.

  • SHS 16:1 Carbon Steel Gears
  • SHS Reverse Latch
  • SHS M130
  • Aztech Piston Combo
  • Aztech Apache
  • T238 V2 1.7 DTU & XT30 plug 
  • RetroArms CNC 7075 Trigger
  • Ported Steel Cylinder

The ChiHai M150 motor has a CNC Carbon Steel Pinion from factory which are super strong and of very high quality. The ChiHai M150 has cooling vents to allow for maximum cooling when the motor is put under high stress.





The URGI comes with a limited warranty on gearbox & parts.

The URGI AEG blaster must use SUPER HARD GELS (ULTRA ELITES, XTAC BOOMS) due to the use of Apache tappet less cylinder head.



  • Always wear safety glasses when using any gel blaster, full face masks will give you maximum protection from gels hitting your face and eyes.
  • Do not point your gel blaster at anyone unless they give you consent.
  • Do not shoot animals or use this toy gel blaster as a form of pest control.
  • Do not try to modify this to shoot other ammunition other then gel balls. It is a criminal offence to modify this to anything else other than what it’s intended purpose is and that’s to play at gel ball fields and shoot targets.
  • Please store your blasters in a place out of sight and out of mind. They don’t need to be locked away in a safe but stored in a place that isn’t easily accessible.
  • Do not take your gel blaster into public areas as this will result in fines or jail. Only use toy gel blasters on private property you have consent from the owner or people/organisation that is leasing the property. 
  • When transporting your blaster you must use a Box/Bag that doesn’t silhouette the shape of the blaster or a real firearm, until then just transport and keep it in the box it came in. 
  • Please unplug battery when not in use as DTU/MOSFET will slowly drain over time and damage to battery and/or gel blaster may occur.
  • Please make sure any gel fragments are cleaned from the T piece and inner barrel. Use a rifle cleaning kit to ensure the inner barrel isn’t damaged.
  • Gel blasters might seem like just a toy but please respect others and the gel blaster community as we are lucky to have such a great family fun sport and hobby in this great state country of ours

Have fun, respect others and enjoy gel ball!