M4 MK8 Gel Blaster

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The M4 MK8 Gel Blaster is built for power & speed as well as premium parts and accessories.

Shooting at over 300fps and 30+ rounds per second this blaster is ready for the big comps!



The M4 MK8 has been fitted with high-end internals and tuned to the max!

  • MK V2M CNC Gearbox (Made in Australia)
  • SHS 13:1 Carbon Steel Gears
  • Brass Cylinder Head
  • SHS Tappet Plate
  • SHS Anti-Reverse Latch
  • SLONG Piston & Piston Head Combo
  • SLONG M120 Main Spring
  • T238 V2 1.7 ETU/DTU with XT30 Plug
  • ChiHai M150 High Speed/ High Torque Motor



  • CNC GOV outer barrel
  • KUBLAI MK8 M4 Hand guard
  • Metal HAWKEX TACTICAL M4 Receiver
  • XPower Buffer Tube
  • MOE Stock



  • MK8 M4 Gel Blaster
  • M4 Gel Ball Magazine



  • This Gel Blaster product doesn’t include any batteries or chargers as they are sold separately.
  • This Gel Blaster uses an XT30 plug to connect the battery (Can be changed on request for T Deans plug).



A warranty only covers against damage caused by the part itself not human error or mistreatment.

A warranty does not cover against wear or consumable items.

We have the right to refuse service or replacement if there has been any mistreatment or modification done other than what a MASTR BLASTR tech has performed.

Some parts have a shop warranty, and some have a manufacturer warranty. below is a list of manufacturers and what they cover.

T238 parts have a great warranty and customer service reputation and their products come with great warranties.

  • T238 BRUSHLESS MOTOR: 3 months from manufacture.
  • T238 V2 1.7 ETU: 1 Year from manufacture.


SHS parts have no warranty from manufacture and therefor is given shop warranty of 30 days.

  • SHS DSG gears.


MK TACTICAL parts have a 1-year warranty from Australian manufacturer.

  • MK V2M CNC Gearbox


SLONG TW parts have no warranty from manufacture and therefor is given shop warranty of 30 days.