CHIHAI M160 16TPA NdFeB 480 long

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CHF-480WA CNC 16TPA NdFeB high torque DC motor
Operating voltage: DC 7.4-12V
  • DC  8.4V        21000rpm 
  • DC  11.1V      31000rpm 
Magnets: N35H Nd-Fe-B Magnets
TPA: 16
Pure copper wire winding
  • The rotor part adopts pure copper group, small resistance, strong conductivity, and makes motor torque increase.
CNC aluminium alloy Body
  • High strength, high accuracy, fast heat dissipation and strong corrosion resistance.

D Type shaft with D hole gear
  • The D type shaft is more convenient to install, not easy to skid and enhance the twisting force.

Hollowed out shell structure
  • Increase internal heat dissipation, reduce operating temperature and improve load characteristics.

Frequent blocking or frequent start-up and reversal are not recommended in the use process, which will greatly reduce the service life.
  • 1 X CHIHAI NdFeB 480 LONG M150 MOTOR
  • 1 X PINION GEAR (can be removed with small Alan key not included)