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  • Full Nylon Construction
  • 3 Firing modes - single, burst and auto.
  • Vertical Foregrip
  • Storage compartment in sling attachment
  • 11.1v LiPo Battery
  • Up to 15 High-Speed Rounds per Second
  • Up to 240 Feet per Second
  • Gel Priming Function
  • Torch
  • Foldable Butt Stock
  • Magazine Fed Gels



  • LH Vector V2 Gel Blaster
  • Magazine.
  • 11.1v Rechargeable Battery
  • 11.1v USB Charger
  • Plastic Mock Holographic Sight
  • Plastic Mock Muzzle
  • Plastic Mock Suppressor
  • Plastic Straight Grip
  • Set of Plastic Iron Sights
  • Sling Attachment
  • Safety Goggles



  • Upgrades are not covered under warranty unless installed buy a MASTR BLASTR tech.
  • Please keep the gel blaster cleaned
  • Please make sure when you are not using the gel blaster that the battery is disconnected.
  • Don't leave battery unattended when charging to avoid damage done by battery malfunction. Malfunction usually happens when battery isn't balanced or damage has been done to protective cover.
  • Please make sure the magazine is empty after use and cleaned if needed to avoid damage to internals.
  • Warranty will not be void if you pull apart to service or repair your blaster as needed if needed (replace stock gears with same type, replace battery with same voltage, replace springs with same gauge type material and motor with same type torque / rpm).

Any questions about warranties or returns can be asked by email or you can check out our policies page.


Make sure you check your state laws before purchase.

In Queensland they are legal and SA,NSW & VIC you need a permit. If unsure please contact your local police station to get more information.