JINGJI SR16 gearbox & receiver kit

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JINGJI is one of the original and best gel blaster manufacturers. Their newest rifle the STONER SR-16 that features their new Tilt Split gearbox design is their greatest master piece!

The JINGJI receiver & GSL Tilt Split gearbox kit features an easy to open receiver system like a real M4 that gives you the ability to swap springs or gearbox uppers on the fly!

The receiver is built made from nylon which gives it its light weight feel with high strength performance. 

The receiver features engravings and metal parts for an authentic feel and high durability.



  • This set is not fully assembled. It doesn't come with a pistol grip, 480 motor, inner barrel, outer barrel, magazine, buffer tube and buttstock.
  • This unit does NOT have the pre-load mechanism in the gearbox.


The main feature of this set is the Tilt Split feature. It is not a butterfly split feature but an upper and lower Tilt Split receiver. This set is the very first blaster in our shop to have such a feature. This feature allows the top part of the gearbox (spring, piston, cylinder, tappet plate and cylinder head) to open partly with the upper receiver, allowing you to change M spring, check for problems or change gearbox uppers on the fly!



To make use of the Tilt Split feature:

  1. Remove the main bolt catch unit (on the left side of the receiver unit) and the rear gearbox locking pin.
  2. Firmly hold the upper receiver.
  3. Pull it up and your receiver is split open.



Before closing the upper receiver unit:

  • ensure that the tappet plate catcher is not caught on the gears.
  • The best indicator to see if your unit is closed properly is the secondary bolt release button pops out.
  • Once the unit is properly closed, secure it with the rear gearbox locking pin and the main bolt release unit.



  • Nylon Receiver
  • Metal receiver accessories

  • GSL Metal Tilt Split gearbox made of a cast alloy mix same as LDT Basic/Advanced (Optional high strength CNC 7075 Tilt Split gearbox coming soon)

  • Well shimmed metal gears.

  • Radius gearbox edges for 200% more high strength
  • Piston with Strengthened Stainless Steel teeth

  • Spring Guide with M5 thread on stainless steel 

  • Metal Trigger

  • Metal Nozzle

  • Silver plated on/off switch

  • XT30 Plugs



  • JINGJI SR-16 Nylon Gel Blaster Receiver
  • GSL V2 Gel Blaster Tilt Split Gearbox



GSL SR-16 boasts a full metal gearbox build complete with a split metal gearbox shell and metal gears as the main driving force of the gearbox. The sector gear has a metal gear tooth removed to do a short stroke action with your piston allowing a higher fire rate for your gel blaster. The unit also comes with a strong nylon receiver and aesthetic pleasing nylon handguard to fit the whole set. The handguard and receiver comes with a KAC design etched around the unit.

This set unit have ambidextrous mag release system, ambidextrous bolt catch release and ambidextrous fire selector (can be made into a standard single point fire selector to fit your preferred need of a gel blaster).



Magazine: All magazine except for Kublai brands