Standard CNC Nozzle JM Gen8/9/10/11/12/13 & BF UMP/P90/MP7

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The "standard" nozzle refers to the old shape Jing Ming style nylon nozzle shape. The new Standard nozzle is cnc out of alloy and has an O ring to seal it to the cylinder head. These nozzles are a great way to stop any air from escaping from the cylinder head as it is transferred through the nozzle which intern will give you more FPS and higher consistency in your FPS per shot.

This nozzle is compatible with the following gel blaster gearboxes and blasters.

  • GEN 8 M4 "singularity" style gearbox
  • GEN 9 M4 V2 Hybrid
  • JM 10 ACR & JM ACR/R V2 Hybrid
  • JM 11 AK102 V3
  • JM 13 416 "singularity" style gearbox
  • JM 12 AKS V3
  • LH KRISS VECTOR V2 (Nozzle needs to be extended)
  • M16 (GEN8 "singularity" style gearbox)
  • BF UMP45 "singularity" style gearbox
  • BF MP7 "miniature P90" styled gearbox
  • BF P90


Please Note

  • For best air seal results please apply silicone oil to the O ring inside the nozzle (remove and apply if possible)
  • LH KRISS VECTOR V2 will need the nozzle tip removed and O rings added to increase the nozzle length.
  • Make sure the nozzle tip is secured and sealed, if not then please remove and apply a small amount of Gorilla Glue (impact resistant)