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If you have bought your first blaster and you want maximum efficiency then its very important to consider a tune-up as most stock cast alloy/zinc gearboxes crumble after a couple of games and buy new gearboxes or parts can be an expensive procedure to endure and can sometimes wreak the hobby/sport. Not to worry as our TUNE-UP will get you back to blasting your mates in no time!



  • GEARBOX CYLINDER WINDOW RADIUS where the cylinder sits so the energy from the cylinder hitting the gearbox is spread out around those radiused areas as the tight corners crumble if not radiused.
  • PROFESSINAL SHIMMING from motor to piston is super important and should be done in a way were reliability, lifetime of parts and maximum efficiency is reached or taken beyond. No one likes a squealing pig!
  • AIR SEAL is critical and making sure you have no leaks or back pressure is super important. We make sure the proper sized O ring is used, no leaks from the cylinder head or nozzle to ensure you have consistent pressure.
  • CYLINDER PORTING is one thing most people overlook when wanting to modify their AEG and porting can change the dynamics of the accuracy and FPS of it.
  • PLUG SWAPPING is important and changing to a plug like an XT30 or T DEANS can boost the amount of current that is supplied to your AEG to get the most out of it.



  • SHS M100 Spring
  • SHS Shims
  • O Ring for piston and/or nozzle
  • Plugs (XT30 or T DEANS)
  • Ported Cylinder


Parts and labor is included in the TUNE-UP price, please note some parts may not be needed.



  • Before purchase please contact our shop by text or phone call 0477978025.
  • If only sending v2 gearbox, please include motor & motor hand grip for best shimming results.
  • Please send batteries if they require plug change, 1st battery free and every battery after is $5, please note that batteries are tested and charged before soldered to ensure they are safe. Unsafe batteries will be sent back and not changed.
  • Postage will be quoted after build depending on if whole AEG blaster was sent or just gear box. Postage from $8 - $30+ depending on region.