fighting bro 4.0 gearbox (no internals)

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FightingBro 4.0 Split V2 Nylon Gearbox empty shell

The fighting bro 4.0 split gearbox is a great starting place for any beginner getting into custom building on a budget.

The split design makes it super easy to change Main Springs or replace with another FightBro 4.0 split upper gearbox.

This gearbox comes with basic parts such as;
Nozzle & Nipple
FightingBro 4.0 Nylon Split Gearbox
Tappet Plate
Nylon Trigger
Main Spring Retainer
Springs (Trigger, Tappet, Trigger Trolly, Gear Cut-Off, safety Cut-Off and inner barrel springs)
Gear Selector Plate
Safety Cut-Off Latch
Gear Cut-Off Lever (Nylon)


This gear box has no internal working parts and only comes with the absolute basics!

In order to get this box functional it will require the following internal parts:
Piston Head
V2 Cylinder Head
Trigger unit (Digital or Analogue Trigger Unit)
Main Spring
8mm Bushings
Shim Kit

You are only buying the empty gearbox shell & basic parts!