F1 Firearms skeleton Scythe M4

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The F1 M4 is super lightweight and is great for CQB or SpeedQB type games where speed is essential!

F1 FireArms Replica receiver, handguard and butt’s rock is made by APS.

The Noveske Amplifier at the barrel end of the blaster really gives this rifle a great note when fired.

Ambidextrous fire selectors smoothly change shooting modes with ease.



The gearbox is an AZTECH INNOVATIONS Scythe Split V2 and is loaded with premium parts such as:

  • T238 V2 2.0 Bluetooth ETU/DTU
  • T238 Brushless Motor
  • T238 Adjustable Trigger
  • SHS 16:1 Carbon Steel Gears
  • SHS Anti-Reverse Latch
  • SHS Piston with Carbon Steel Teeth
  • SHS Main Spring M120
  • APACHE Tappetless Cylinder Head
  • XT30 Plug

These parts have been installed with complete care at the forefront and with high efficiency and power in mind.



This Blaster has a warranty on some parts such as:

  • T238 V2 2.0 ETU/DTU 1 year.
  • T238 Brushless Motor 3 months.
  • SHS Carbon Steel Gears 30 days.
  • SHS Piston with Carbon Steel Teeth 30 days.
  • SHS Anti Reverse Latch 30 days.
  • APACHE Tappetless Cylinder Head 30 days.


Warranties will only cover if the blasters parts haven’t been modified from its original custom setup and servicing has been completed.

Warranties don’t cover:

  • Water damage from gels/gel balls or other ammunition types used
  • Modifying gears and their teeth or pistons and their teeth.