DDM4 V7 AEG DANIEL DEFENSE gel blaster (Enquire)

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This blaster is made to order which means if you would like to purchase this rifle it has to be built from the ground up with rare parts that are limited in stock. The price for a build ranges from $1200+ and depends on internals + accessories.

The DDM4 V7 is a great show piece to display but none the less an awesome gel blaster to take to the fields and get some hits and have fun with your mates.


DDM4 V7 AEG features

  • DD Slim Pistol Grip

  • DD Vertical Foregrip

  • DD Collapsible Buttstock

  • DD MFR XL 15.0 (M-LOK) RAIL

  • G&P DD Marked AEG Grey Receiver

  • Professionally Hand Assembled LDX Expert CNC gearbox

  • BIGRRR High Torque Slim Motor




inside the DDM4 V7 AEG is a professionally built LDX Expert split gearbox shimmed to high tolerances for maximum efficiency to keep your blaster super reliable just like a real DDM4 V7.

We have also added an AZTECH INDUSTRIES Apache tappet less cylinder head to give the DDM4 V7 AEG a loud unique sound that will turn heads and burn ears!

SHS 16:1 high strength gears give the DDM4 V7 AEG superior reliability and mixed with the programmable brain T238 V2 1.42 DTU makes it nice and snappy on semi while maintaining smooth consistent shots on full auto.

BIGRRR High Torque motor is at the heart of this build and has no problem turning those gears to compress the SHS M110 spring to provide 330 FPS+ to your adversary's back side.



  • SLONG Cylinder
  • SHS Cylinder Head & Nozzle
  • SLONG M110 Spring
  • AI Piston Combo
  • SHS 16:1 Gears
  • SLONG Anti-Reverse Latch & Spring
  • T238 V2 1.42 DTU & XT30 Plug
  • RetroArms CNC Trigger




DANIEL DEFENCE is an American arms manufacturer that develops firearms for military, law enforcement and civilian use. Substantial growth from U.S. Army Special Forces has made DANIEL DEFENCE very popular in the firearms industry around the world.

This product is a replica with all the markings of the real steel rifle but in no way a DANIEL DEFENCE original product and there for just a toy gel blaster.



  • DDM4 V7 AEG gel blaster
  • M4 magazine for gel blasters



  • There is no battery included
  • There is no AEG gel ball ammo (Recommended to use hard gels with Apache as regular gels will break and can cause damage to the AEG gearbox)