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The Retroarms gearbox is made of 7075 true aircraft alloy. All Retroarms gearboxes come standard with a CNC spring guide and mag terminals.

These gearboxes are made by a well established and world famous CNC company in the Cheq Republic using Italian 7075 alloy.

These Retroarms gearboxes don’t bend or crack like cheaper 6000 series gearboxes.
We back the quality of these gearboxes with a 24 month warranty for manufacturing defects.


Not for real gun only for gel blaster! 



Installation of the inner parts and gearbox requires professional knowledge, experience and skills. There are a lot of airsoft manufacturers on the market and every one of them create their own sizes, there are no standards like engineering ISO in airsoft. This is the main problem with a lot of inner and outer parts from different manufacturers which can be same product, but with different dimensions. We recommend using only parts from manufacturers with Tokyo Marui compatible parts, where should not be a problem with compatibility with our CNC gearbox.