CHIHAI m180 chf-480wa-m180 480 long

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The CHIHAI CHF-480WA-M180 9TPA N35SH super torque/ super speed motor is no joke for high power builds. You could run a 9:1 DSG with this and get 110rps or play it safe with 18:1 and get 55rps.

This motor in conjunction with 100:200 ratio gears and a M160 spring would be a better choice in a DMR build for MILSIM games. 


RECOMMENED BATTERY - 11.1V Battery with XT30 plug minimum.

MAX RPM - 60000




  • 1 X CHIHAI CHF-480WA-M180 9TPA N35SH
  • 1 X PINION GEAR (can be removed with small Alan key not included)