FCONEGY 11.1v 1300MAH battery DEANS T

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FCONEGY 11.1v 1300MAH LiPo batteries are built tough and made to last. These batteries are compact high capacity batteries and come standard with a DEANS T plug on the battery and one spare to install on the blaster.



  • 3S 11.1 Volts
  • 1300MAH Capacity
  • DEANS T plug (Spare Plug For Baster)
  • 130mm x 21mm x 18mm
  • 20C peak @ 40C


Why DEANS T plugs?

DEANS T plugs handle a much higher current than the standard Tamiya plug and are more compact plus they are easy plug/unplug and damaging them is next to impossible. DEANS T plugs are also a must for blasters that use mosfets and motors that require mass amounts of power to push heavy springs or use DSG/TSG gear setups.



  • Before using the battery please fully charge and balance before you use. 
  • When blaster fire speed drops please remove battery and rest before charging. 
  • If your battery becomes hot while using please unplug and cool down before charging or using again. 
  • Please charge batteries on a B6 charger for proper charging & balancing. 
  • Keep batteries away from any type of contact with water and moisture.
  • keep batteries away from any heat source or contact with open flames. 



  • VOLTAGE 11.1 3S
  • AMPS 1.3



  • FCONEGY 11.1v 1300MAH Battery
  • Spare DEANS T Plug For Blaster