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Introducing the Aztech Scythe Split!

This is a true split gearbox meaning the top part that houses the piston and spring is one complete unit that can be removed from the lower once the rear receiver pin is removed. This enables easy servicing of the gearbox.

World class aerospace grade CNC 7075 aluminum. Available in raw CNC aluminum, anodized black, anodized bronze or our Cobolt Blue which also comes with the matching adjustable t-piece!

For all other custom colors allow up to 48 hours for the anodizing to be done to suit the order

All custom colors may vary from the images shown, custom anodized color dyes do vary per batch

Please note that these split gearboxes do not support a tappet plate (old school tech). You can use these gearboxes with HPA or by using an APACHE.

  • 100% APS Silveredge parts compatible,
  • V2 receiver compatible
  • Made to suit Aztech 8mm bushes (other 8mm will work also)
  • 100% Ambidextrous Compatible,
  • APS charging handle compatible
  • Machined to 0.0001mm tolerances
  • V2 style gearbox gelball compatible
  • Includes Stainless 2mm Hex head screws 

This gearbox housing is a straight swap upgrade for an APS gearbox.  All the original parts can be transplanted into this gearbox housing upgrade optional at this point.

CNC finish may vary per item, being 100% custom made from 7075 aluminum, these are raw finish with CNC swirls, wire wheel and buff marks for smooth touch finish of the incredibly hard to machine 7075, the surface finish is not intended to be pretty, it is built for performance.  In this case they are 100% function over form, we have not cut any corners in design.

Please note the pictures shown are a representation of the colors shown, anodizing is a finicky process and color may vary from the images shown

If you want to built the split box with a switch block, some switch blocks may require a .5 of a mm shaving off the under side of the top half of the split box.  20mm long and 5mm wide by 0.5mm deep.  See pics for reference.

We do have ARP9 magazine terminal plates;

Parts required for an APS blaster build from scratch with out a donor APS box:

**PleaseNote** Spring Retainer & Terminal Block is included with our gearboxes.

  • APS cylinder
  • APS cylinder head
  • Aztech APACHE tappetless cylinder head
  • Aztech 8mm Bushes
  • APS nozzle
  • Preferably SHS hardened gears or similar
  • APS anti reverse latch or equivalent
  • APS wiring with switch block and magazine terminal plate NON SDU2.0 gearbox
  • APS Silveredge metal trigger or V2 equivalent
  • Preferably SHS main spring
  • APS T piece spacer
  • APS Bolt catch/bolt release
  • APS safety lever
  • APS cut off lever
  • APS Ambi fire select 
  • APS blow back plate (optional)
  • SHS V2 spring kit
  • Shims/shim kit
  • Aztech Adjustable T-Piece and barrel of your choice