Mk47 BLOC 2

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MK47 BLOC 2 looks aggressive, feels tough and shoots like a high-end blaster!

High capacity MK47 magazine holds bout 200-250 gel balls and is made of a strong nylon material.

A FIGHTING BRO V2 Nylon Split gearbox runs the MK47 BLOC 2with no stalls or T piece clogs at all! This gearbox gives the best results out of any other gearbox that has been installed in a MK47 Tactical Cat receiver.

The fortis MK47 is one hell of a beast and sure to please anyone looking for their next best gel blaster.



  • Nylon MK47 Receiver
  • FIGHTING BRO Nylon V2 Split Gearbox
  • CNC Front Guard
  • QUAD Tip Flash Hider
  • Adjustable CTR Butt Stock
  • XT30 Plug
  • Metal Inner Barrel 
  • Large AK Style Magazine
  • CHIHAI M1.2-1.3 motor
  • 300 FPS




  • QUAD TIP Flash Hider.
  • SLR Styled Outer Barrel.
  • CNC Handguard.
  • MK47 Tactical Cat Nylon Receiver.
  • XPOWER Buffer Tube.
  • CTR Butt Stock.



  • FIGHTING BRO V2 Nylon Split Gearbox Hand Built Professionally.
  • Alloy Inner Barrel
  • CHIHAI 480 MOTOR 1.2/1.3.
  • SILVER High Heat wire.
  • XT30 Plugs.


What's In The Box

  • MK47 BLOC 2 Gel Blaster
  • 1 X MK47 Magazine
  • 1 X Pack of WARINTEREST Milky White Gel Balls



This gel blaster does not include a battery and charger, they are sold separately.