Restoring a dead LiPo

One of the biggest problems I’ve noticed with gel blaster users is how they love to run their batteries dead flat! Running your battery flat can cause serious battery performance problems and cost loads of money buying new batteries all the time

What if there was a way to save that poor battery from the bin?

Well there is and you could save yourself the financial hassle by restoring your dead LiPo before it’s gone to battery heaven forever!


If you attempt to rescue a battery using these instructions you do so at your own risk. If you are not comfortable with the possibility that your battery may catch fire, you may just want to discard the battery and purchase a new one.


When a LiPo battery has been fully drained it oxidizes it’s cells, this is part of what makes them perform poorly.
If you can get the battery fixed quick enough you can usually save the battery without too much reduction in performance.



  • A dead LiPo battery.
  • A LiPo balance charger.
  • A NiMH charger (or charger with NiMH option)



  1. Connect the main plug of your LiPo battery to your NiMH charger and start charging at the lowest current possible (Typically this is 0.1A). If your charger allows you to select the voltage you should select a voltage that matches your LiPo battery’s nominal voltage.
  2. After a minute or two your battery should recover 3.3 volts per cell. To check this simply read the total voltage of your battery and divide that by the number of cells.
  3. When the total voltage is equal to about 3.3 volts per cell you can move the battery over to your LiPo balance charger and balance charge at 0.5C rating. This will take longer than charging at 1C but is safer.
  4. Once the balance charge has completed balancing you should have a fully recovered LiPo battery.



  • Do not leave a recovering battery unattended!
  • If your battery starts to puff or deform in any way during charging you should stop!
  • You should always charge batteries in a fireproof location with good ventilation.
  • If the battery is unable to balance you may want to consider retiring that battery as it could be very unpredictable during use and possibly catch fire.


I hope this talk about restoring a dead LiPo helps as it can be used with caution on most hobby batteries out there. 

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