T238 RGB Tracer Unit

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T238 tracer unit is designed for NERF dart & Gel ball blasters.

It attaches to your blaster which allows your NERF dart/Gel ball to glow in the dark and see the flight path of your shot, special tracer NERF darts/Gel balls are needed.

When using RGB version, you can still see a rainbow of gunfire effect without the help of special bullets.

The T238 tracer unit is suitable for all kinds of luminous ammo with a diameter of 6-13mm, can charge gel balls or nerf darts with luminous light at the moment of passing the flash hat, and improve the playability of wargame or target shooting. 


  • Length 92mm
  • Diameter 38mm
  • Weight: 120g
  • supports 14 CCW, 16MM, 19MM outer tube.
  • Applicable to various luminous egg batteries with a diameter of 6-13mm
  • built-in 760mah lithium The battery is suitable for MICRO USB charging
  • the red light is on when charging and turns off when fully charged.
  • Supported rate of fire: max. 50rps
  • Battery: 760mah, maximum endurance 40000 rounds



  • Press the small button located near tracer entrance.
  • Each button press changes the colour mode (9 colour modes)
  • Long press of button turns off the tracer



  1. Rainbow
  2. Marquee
  3. Purple
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. White
  7. Light blue
  8. Yellow
  9. Red



  • luminous ammo charging
  • fire simulation
  • using 6 high-power lamp beads
  • automatic shutdown after 20 minutes overtime
  • automatic shutdown when low battery