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The M16 is a great quality budget assault rifle blaster and this one has a few extras that already keep it ahead of it competitors.

A couple of thing to mention are the heavy gauged wiring and the alloy barrel that give this blaster a hidden advantage over the others.

The heavy gauged wiring allows for better current flow from the battery to the motors (gearbox & magazine) and will allow for future more powerful motor upgrades.

The alloy barrel provides the gels a more smoother path of travel when fired.

The blaster itself is made from strong ABS plastic and gives the operator a more maneuverable blaster to use.

The stock houses the battery and is easy to remove buy taking off the rubber butt cap.

The hand guard has a bottom rail to add different furniture and the receiver has a top rail to add sights or the sight handle that comes with it.

Overall this blaster would be great for anyone on a budget but wants something really fun.



  • Alloy barrel with plastic outer barrel sleeve
  • Up to 20-25m firing distance.
  • 200-225 Feet Per Second
  • Full auto firing mode only
  • Compatible with Jin Ming Gen 8 Magazines
  • ABS Plastic construction
  • 4v Battery Powered.
  • Charging Handle opens dust cover.
  • Picatinny rail on bottom of handguard
  • Tactical carry handle with adjustable iron sight (x and y axis)
  • Tactical sling attachment



  • M16 Gel Blaster 
  • Magazine
  • Tactical carry handle with adjustable iron sight
  • 7.4v battery
  • USB charger
  • Flash hider
  • Starter gels (recommend you buy the milky whites for the M16).





Do not upgrade any part of your toy gel blaster as this will void the warranty. Upgrades refer to changing the battery voltage (7.4-11v), motor, springs, gears, piston to anything other than stock parts or same material types (nylon gears with nylon gears) not worried about the brand.

Warranty will not be void if you pull apart to service or repair your blaster as needed if needed (replace stock gears with same type, replace battery with same voltage, replace springs with same gauge type material and motor with same type torque / rpm).

Any questions about warranties or returns can be asked by email or you can check out our policies page.


Make sure you check your state laws before purchase!

In Queensland they are legal and South Australia you may need a permit.