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Our Honey Badgers has been rebuilt from the ground up to eliminate the problems the stock Honey Badger has and have been properly field tested to ensure the compatibility and durability of all parts. We have replaced most internal gearbox parts with high quality SHS parts so you don’t need to and to ensure it’s comp ready.

The improved honey badger has been fitted with these SHS gearbox parts:

  • 16:1 Hardened Steel Gears (hardened steel gears will last 10x longer when compressing the M100 spring)
  • The gears have been shimmed properly to line up with the pinion & piston to ensure perfect engagement.
  • Piston with Double Sealed Head & Hardened Steel Teeth (the stock piston tends to break from high use & the SHS piston has a way better air seal)
  • Reverse Latch
  • Cylinder
  • Cylinder Head & Nozzle (helps create a better air seal and is the best fit combo for the SHS cylinder)
  • Cut-Off Latch (a better quality latch helps engage the trolly for better semi and also has a longer life)
  • Switch Block (the stock block cuts out on full-auto and prevents full trigger engagement)


The heavy gauge wire is fitted with an XT30 plug for optimum current flow and to save room to add a bigger battery.

The alloy barrel has been glued and sealed to fix the air leak that causes a high drop in FPS.

A longer bolt has replaced the smaller bolt that secures the retractable stock to the rear of the receiver and prevents the spring guard from angling and causing the piston teeth to break.

The retractable stock has three levels of adjustment it also houses the battery which is really easy to access and has plenty of room for a bigger one.

Large easy to push magazine release feels good and is comfortable for people with shorter finger reach.


**Please Note**

No batteries or charger come with this blaster and is recommended you use XT30 plugs for optimum control.



  • Metal Gears 18:1 ratio
  • V2 Nylon Gearbox
  • SHS Parts (gears, reverse latch, piston, cylinder, cut-off latch, switch block, cylinder head & nozzle)
  • M100 Spring
  • High Quality Strong 480 motor
  • Silver Wire with XT30 plug for optimum current flow
  • 2-piece split receiver
  • Thread to add different high quality hand guards
  • Removable butt stock to add after market high quality types
  • Magpul MOE-K pistol grip
  • Retractable PDW style buttstock with heavy metal arms
  • 36cm alloy barrel (extends to the end of the suppressor)
  • blowback feature
  • 3 Fire Modes (Safe, Semi-Auto & Full-Auto)
  • Shoots approx. 300 FPS.


What You Get:

  • Honey Badger Gel Blaster
  • Magazine
  • 10,000 dehydrated WarInterest Reds Gel Balls
  • Safety glasses





Do not upgrade any part of your toy gel blaster as this will void the warranty. Upgrades refer to changing the battery voltage (7.4-11v), motor, springs, gears, piston to anything other than stock parts or same material types (nylon gears with nylon gears) not worried about the brand.

Warranty will not be void if you pull apart to service or repair your blaster as needed if needed (replace stock gears with same type, replace battery with same voltage, replace springs with same gauge type material and motor with same type torque / rpm).

Any questions about warranties or returns can be asked by email or you can check out our policies page.


Make sure you check your state laws before purchase!

In Queensland they are legal and South Australia you may need a permit.