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CUSTOM GEN9 M4 NOVESKE is the custom GEN9 M4 blaster everyone wants!

With 3 fire modes (SAFE, SEMI-AUTO & AUTO) you can pop off accurate shots or blast the enemy to the spawn!

This pig Screams at 300 FPS+ and will not skip a beat out on the field!

The M4 NOVESKE is loaded with premium parts not only on the outside but also full of them on the inside!

We removed the charging Handle and ejection port to give it that aggressive skeleton look and decked it out with some high quality white metal NOVESKE stickers.

You will not be disappointed with this pig out of hell!


Metal Internal Parts:

  • Strong Nylon V2 Gearbox
  • Alloy Nozzle
  • Alloy Cylinder Head
  • Quality Cast Metal Gears
  • Reverse Latch
  • Pinion Gear
  • Spring
  • Quality Cylinder
  • Alloy Inner Barrel
  • Reinforced Plunger With Metal Ladder
  • Silver Wire
  • XT30 Plugs
  • LDT A1 motor



Metal External Parts:

  • STRIKE INDUSTRIES stock black
  • NOVESKE 10" black handguard
  • black metal outer barrel
  • NOVESKE muzzle


Package Includes:

  • CUSTOM GEN9 M4 NOVESKE gel blaster
  • 11v battery
  • bag of AKA gels
  • battery charger