IMAX B3 PRO Li-PO battery charger

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  • Easy compact balance charger for 2 and 3 cells.
  • Li-PO battery fast charging with wide AC input.
  • A internal 100-240V AC switch power is built in, and the high precision balance circuit can supply larger current up to 850mA per cell. 
  • LED can display three kinds of color.
  • Small in size and light in weight, especially there is separated corresponding balance port for each battery pack.



  1. Connect to power supply: 3 LED will green
  2. Connect to 7.4V Li-Po battery: 2 LED will red and 1 LED will green Full charged: all LED will green
  1. Connect to 11.1V Li-Po battery: 3 LED will red Full charged: all LED will green
  2. Built-in charging management IC, charge each battery separately.
  3. Stop charging when fully charged and will not cause overcharge of battery



  • In order to achieve the best charging effect, please use the charger in a ventilated indoor environment.
  • Children must use this charger under the supervision of adults.
  • Please cut off the external power supply when the charger stops charging.
  • When plugging or unplugging the charging head, please hold the head in your hand instead of directly pulling the wire.
  • Please place this product in a safe place out of the reach of children.
  • Please do not leave the battery and charger in an unattended working state.
  • If the charger is used incorrectly, the product may be damaged and there will be a risk of electric shock;
  • Do not disassemble, assemble or use this charger for other purposes.