Gel Blaster State Police Links

If you are unsure about buying any gel blasters, Parts or Accessories then please call your local police station or government firearm's regulations office as you could be breaking the law and can be charged with firearms charges.


The only states you can legally have gel blasters are;

  • Queensland (Gel blasters can be purchased without a permit of license)
  • South Australia (permit or license is required and all blasters need to be sent to a gun dealer when bought from MASTR BLASTR)
  • Tasmania (if the gel blaster looks like a real firearm then you may need a permit)


The following links below will tell you the current laws in your state and Territory;

MASTR BLASTR only sends Gel Blasters to people with the appropriate permission or licensing. We do not take responsibility for any trouble the individual finds themselves in and it is your responsibility and choice if you buy a gel blaster product.

Before purchasing any gel blasters please think about your reasons behind the purchase as a firearms charge can change your life.