Gel Blaster RPS Formula


When matching a motor and gears to get the best RPS it can be hard to know what combinations work. so i have an easy to use formula to find the RPS.

Today I'll use the CHIHAI M120 33000RPM motor and SHS 16:1 ratio gears.

Next we will divide the motor RPM by 60 seconds to find out how many times the pinion turns a second and we get 550.

Next we take that 550 and divide it by 16 which is the ratio of the gears 16:1, after we divide the 550 by 16 we get 34.375.

34.375 is telling us the rotations of the sector gear which also tells us the strokes of the piston and the rounds per second at which the gel balls come out.

To put this into a simple formular;

Motor RPM ÷ 60 Seconds ÷ Gear Ratio = RPS 

So for instance your using a CHIHAI M120 33000RPM motor & 16:1 SHS gears then it should look like this;

33000 ÷ 60 ÷ 16 = 34.375 RPS

Total: 34RPS 


Now before we get to excited about the RPS we need to note that once everything is shimmed, M spring installed and type of bushings used it will be slightly lower maybe 32RPS.

With this formula you can now know the RPS so when you commit to buy parts and build  it will be exactly the right RPS.